What is Emerging? Video Series

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We are proud to announce that What is Emerging? has been selected for Sao Paulo web-fest in Brazil, Bilbao Seriesland Festival and Lift-Off Sessions film festival in the UK. Read a synopsis of each episode and watch by clicking on the header.

How do we shift to a more conscious and regenerative society?
Featuring some of the key thinkers of an emerging new world paradigm, What is Emerging? explores systemic transition and how the stories we tell about ourselves and our planet help to form the basis of our society. As both our living environment and our human societies today face multiple crises, it asks the question: how do we shift to a more conscious and regenerative society?

Episode 1 | Doing: We Create Reality
In the midst of social and environmental crises, the system of economics is the key to understanding the logic behind it all. In this first episode of What is Emerging? Maria Clara and Camilla went to ColaborAmerica festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ColaborAmerica brings together future thinkers, economists, spiritual leaders and scientists to explore and discuss the ways that we might ensure the continuation of life on Earth, considering all beings that are part of this huge living system.

The endless pursuit of growth is pushing our environment to breaking point, yet this economic paradigm shapes our societies. This episode explores the ways in which we currently frame the world we live in, the world views that connect us and asks the question; is it possible to shift to a collaboration paradigm with each other, and with the Earth? What would the economy look like if purpose was written into its DNA? 

Episode 2 | Being: Searching For Entanglements
In this episode Camilla and Maria Clara go searching for inspiring new ways to understand the global crises. Avoidance of stressful or difficult problems is a natural human behaviour, so how do we learn to stick with, rather than avoid, the trouble we've created? How are our current beliefs stopping us from deeply changing the direction of human development? How can a new framing of the crises influence processes and open space for emergence? What can unfold from this entangled perception of all living beings and the Earth? 

Episode 3 | Imagining: Touching the Unknown
Many years ago, human beings imagined economy, technology and industry into being. Now that we are beginning to notice that the separation of man from nature is the root cause of the global problems we face, how do we go about changing the story, especially when our imagination is stuck in the logic of the old paradigm?

Acknowledging our limitations is the first step to envisioning other ways of engaging with the Earth. In order to notice and feel the ways in which we are entangled with all other living beings and the planet we need to engage all of our senses, taking inspiration from the art and practices of our ancestors to recalibrate our imagination, and let the new paradigm emerge. 

The What is Emerging? Deep Dive series: In depth, face to face interviews with experts in their field.⁣

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Words by Tarn Rodgers Johns
Tarn is the lead editor of Emerge. Raised in the UK and based in Berlin, she is driven by curiosity and an incessant but largely unsatisfied desire to get to the bottom of everything. She is interested in psychology, human creativity and the changing world around us.