Emerge is an independent, non-profit media platform highlighting the initiatives, individuals and ways of thinking that are sowing the seeds of a new civilisation.

We are exploring how to act wisely in a world that seems out of control. We aim to explore the emerging cultural narratives of our time by collecting useful content from across the web, profiling change makers and thinkers, publishing thought-provoking commentary and producing original videos and podcasts.

We are living in times of profound transition where our ways of working, communicating and governing are quickly transforming. Many of our received wisdoms, habits and perspectives are becoming obsolete. What will emerge in the vacuum created by this disruption is not yet clear, but some critical questions hang in the balance:

Will we manage to avert ecological crisis? Will our new technologies enable powerful collaboration, or create intense polarisation? What does it mean to live a meaningful life in relationship with ourselves and others?

Nobody knows what the world will look like in 20 years time. At Emerge we believe that we all have a part to play in weaving a new story for humanity and our planet.

In fact, we are already doing it.

By combining live events with the power of the internet, Emerge is a hub for people and initiatives searching for solutions to pressing global challenges, asking the question: What new patterns of living, working and existing together are currently emerging?

We are a network and a movement that celebrates people and projects, and we offer an invitation to each of us to discover our role in this new story.

What We Believe

 The challenges facing our world today are more complex and species-threatening than ever before in human history. The global threat of climate change and the social impacts of digitalisation and globalisation are currently far more complex than our collective capacity to comprehend. In order for us to move forward, our thinking about global problems has to evolve to match their complexity.

Our personal psychology is of huge consequence to the outside world. If we are going to transform as a society then the personal development of individuals must be taken seriously as a societal, as well as an individual, concern.

There is no one ‘true’ way of seeing the world. In order to move forward we need to transcend binary thinking. This means moving beyond left and right political divides, thinking in terms of individual and collective responsibility, national and global identity, honoring individual identities and recognising the need to focus on a greater “we”.

Our world is socially constructed in more ways than we habitually tend to think. Human beings are dependent on and connected to the natural world, but when it comes to human society we are the creators. This means that we have more power than we realise to change it.

The emerging future will be co-created by all of us. The world is learning to come together in new ways and each of us has a vital role to play. Emerge is a place where all are called forth to bring our gifts to the greater circle.

Across the world, there are hundreds of initiatives, projects and persons who are already tackling real world problems from this place of deeper awareness. Our aim is to bring awareness to this growing movement and connect the dots between the people and projects contributing to this emergence.

This is a time of profound collaboration and we see you as a vital part of this mission. We’d love to weave your voice and vision into all that is being created and keep you updated on the launch of new projects, events and initiatives around the world.  Email contribute@whatisemerging.com and sign up to our newsletter here.

How Did Emerge Begin?

Emerge began as a three-day live event in Berlin in November 2018 initiated by three non-profit organisations: Perspectiva, London; co-creation.loft, Berlin and Ekskäret Foundation, Stockholm. The gathering brought together pioneers in complexity science, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, sustainability, creativity, and wisdom to explore dynamic solutions to our planet’s greatest challenges and discover new pathways of working, living and creating together.

Who Are We?

Tarn Rodgers Johns - Editor. tarn@whatisemerging.com

Sebastian Baier - Events. sebastian@whatisemerging.com

How Is Emerge Funded?

We are a not-for-profit venture and we are funded primarily through donations, voluntary work and contributions collected through Patreon. Please visit our Patreon page here.

How Can You Help?

You can help by donating through Patreon and reading, sharing our media with your friends and colleagues or becoming a contributor.

How Do We Choose Which Content To Feature

Visit the corresponding page to suggest a podcast, video, space or event to be featured on Emerge.

How Can You Contribute An Original Article Or Video?

Send suggestions for articles or videos to contribute@whatisemerging.com

How Can You Contact Us?

For all other inquiries reach us at: hello@whatisemerging.com


We hope to sow the seeds for a new civilisation -  we are farmers or gardeners.

We are observing and helping to give birth to a new civilisation - we are midwives.

We want a more-conscious society - we are alarm clocks or zen teachers

We seek to co-create a more conscious society - we are collaborative innovators.

We are interested in three kinds of transformation; the self, society and emergent systemic properties of these two together - we are alchemists, or societal chefs.

We recognise that how we perceive and know and represent the world has revolutionary potential - we are artists.

We seek complex integration of diverse bodies of theory and practice - we are epistemic freedom fighters.

We want to support innovative forms of spiritual practice and inquiry that better connect us to the challenges of our time - we are conveners and hosts.

We love powerful and beautiful communication - we are drum rolls and content curators.