Are People still on Clubhouse ???

Integral Leadership Review (ILR)

metamodern scene
CLUBHOUSE IS AN APP that lets a cluster of people listen to each other.  Amazing?  I remember when it seemed like it was going to be the next big thing  -- now I don't know anyone who uses it except for the Integral Leadership Review.

Maybe they know what they're doing.

The guy in the profile picture/sketch accompanying this article is Russ Volckmann.  Russ was the spiritual and philosophical parent of a magazine devoted to surfacing, collecting & integrating various forms of leading-edge "leadership" concepts.  When he died, the mantle passed to his apprentice Eric Reynolds who is currently in the process of reframing and rebooting it. 

Their clubhouse project has been ongoing for a few years.  It features regular participants like Jeremy Johnson, Saniel & Linda Groves-Bonder, Adam Wright, Turquoise Sound, etc.  Despite the uncertain status of the app, it is certainly a very lively, vulnerable and sincere space that holds open a discussion that seems like it is about to blossom.

Some of us may have an innate suspicion about words like "leadership" -- and the sorts of pseudo-corporate quasi-progressives who use that concept to help capture new ideas and subsume them under the fantasy of the great male CEO who can dominate any environment -- but the notion of integral leadership is much deeper and more diverse.  

Anyone can (and should) step into the leadership mode of their own concerns.  We all have the almost magickal capacity to act with integrity, to create realities & to collaborate with others to summon forth a word that better exemplifies our own deepest values for ourselves, our species and the biosphere.   

Don't get me wrong.  I'm certainly not suggesting that anyone should be on the Clubhouse app!  Give it a try if you like, but definitely keep an eye open for what ILR is about to do next.

Their concerns, their emerging community & the key  concepts of multidimensional leadership are facets of transformation that we would be remiss to ignore.