IEC, the Post-Postmodern Retreat Chooser & the Meta-Event Space

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A REDESIGNED EMERGE WEBSITE would perhaps include an Events Bar -- off to the side of the main screen.  Not a special page you need to click on but rather an omnipresent indicator of the stream of convenings, gatherings, workshops & parties in what we call the Field.

Tomi Hermann has added the Post-Postmodern Retreat Chooser to the IEC website.  It only has three (and some already fully booked) events but it's a start.  We need to get better at thinking about, feeling into and speaking to the whole scene in which our various events are emerging. 

Are you going to the Integral European Conference? Robert Kegan's Pre-Event?   How about the Realisation Festival?  Emerge Ukraine?  Emerge Toronto?  WTF?  CC?  I heard a lot of our people are going to the Psychedelic Science event in Boulder.  Denizen?  RSPND?  The Cosmo-Erotic Humanism thing?  Is Burning Man worth it this year?  Etc.

Put aside online gatherings for the moment and let's just ponder the space and potential of in-person events.  They are important.  Humanizing.  Alchemical.  Informative. 

We generate and resonate with the intersubjective intelligence of a pop-up field.  Build ritual together.  Undertake self-developmental practices with guides that you can actually trust.  Mix consciously (and subconsciously) with your peers and heroes.  Maybe some direct being-to-being transmission?  Land.  Place.  Bio-regional immersion!  Magic.

Most us probably have mixed feels.  That's okay.  All this stuff sounds both pretentious and deeply nourishing.  Somehow self-indulgent but possibly world-saving.  We are not totally sure if we want to be in elite esoteric spaces with our close cognitive, affective and existential kin or whether we want to be challenged in events that are as diverse, inclusive and inviting as possible?  Both?  Neither?  We don't want to miss out on anything -- nor do we wish to merely chase ourself in endless circles. 

Or maybe we do need to chase ourselves in endless circles? 

Christmas is only Christmas because it happens every year.  To go beyond the conference format into actual culture-production means, in part, the emergence of worthwhile repetitions.  Annual like IEC.  Seasonal like the Metamodern Spirituality Retreats.  A certain regularity of people, place, timing & spirit. 

It has been theorized that ancient holy sites and proto-cities like Gobekli Tepe were originally festival locations.  Ritual gathering spots in the nomadic circulation of indigenous populations.  Part of the circuit. 

Many of us -- whoever can afford it & even some who definitely cannot -- have started to organize our lives around an emerging pilgrimage circuit.  It's unstable at the moment.  In flux.  But lots of us are hitting certain places, particular events.  Looking for certain people.  Willing to return. 

Are we having the conversation that moves us beyond simply The Next Event into a complex stabilization in which we really start adapting our lives to the new sensibilities that we are collectively proposing?

That conversation takes place at the meta-event scale.

Do we have all the events we need?  Do we need all the ones we have?  What are most of these events leaving out?  Who is called to return to which sites?  What does it take for a casual series of beautiful gatherings to start becoming the reliable metamodern holidays or bio-regional regenerative pilgrimage sites in our collective ritual of intersubjectivity?

These may also be the real world nodes of a future survival network if the destabilization comes... 

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