Unlearning & Reimagining Difference in Lovely Dorset

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Of course you do. 

So you will obviously be delighted that the 2023 Realisation Festival will be taking place from June 29th to July 2nd.  Join a mutually supportive mixture of artists, philosophers, social critics, podcasters & transformational activists at the quintessentially bucolic and exquisitely English St. Giles House in Dorset.

What do they mean by realisation ?

Well, according to their FAQ page:  “Realisation is about education and awareness.”  It's also apparently the answer to the question, “Where can I go to truly challenge my understanding of and contribution to the life we are living?”

Pretty vague.  Maybe that's fine.  The overlapping liminal, transformational & developmental communities are increasingly gravitating toward less defined and more emergent social spaces.  Unconferences. 

Even the slogan for this year's festival is about unlearning & reimagining.  That is important because we are all embedded within the habits, assumptions, incentives and attitudes that make up the very system that our activism proposes to change.  The malware runs deep.  So we have no choice but to try to BE WITH each other in ways that sidestep, bracket or question our basic definitions and methodologies.

Somewhere underneath our identities, we hope, is a layer of human ensoulment.  A specifically (and organically complex) human being capable of entering into solidarity with their diverse brothers and sisters around the world.  We can't prejudge what it means to be human but we nonetheless anticipate that this shared exploration is essential if we are going to live better together and collectively mobilize to face the challenges of this unique historical moment. 

Plus the participants list looks pretty good.  If you want to see Iain McGilchrist swimming in his beige shorts in a picturesque local creek, listen to Chinese-British novelist Xiaolu Guo laying down some hip hop tracks or witness Ivo Mensch kickboxing the world-renown octogenarian peace activist Satish Kumar -- then this is definitely the event for you.

(Note:  Those events are unconfirmed and might contravene the spirit of the Festival.)

If you feel the pressure, they say on their website, and the potential of being alive now and seek an opportunity to take a step back with others of soul and energy, do consider joining us.

And frankly most of us are feeling that...


Short films from the 2021 Realisation Festival.
Perspectiva (supporting this event).
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