That's Right.


DID YOU KNOW that August 16th, 2023 was officially Meta/Regen Day?  Of course you didn't.

That fun fact is only one of the many interesting things you can learn from the Metagame substack article entitled “Wait -- What Went Down at Metafest Croatia?"

It apparently had (a) epic location (b) very chill vibe (c) “no one there to sell shit or network."  That's actually pretty good.

Other than holding awesome, vibe-based gatherings at Croatian castles, the Metagame (check their origin story) is a response to the Metacrisis that has been emerging for several years from within the web3, DAO space, & econ-eco community. 

That stuff can be pretty opaque to a lot of the folks coming at this from the geopolitical, philosophical, literary and eco-spirit angles.  Plus metagame leans into a deconstructed Tim and Eric aesthetic that sidesteps the stylized professional look found in networks like Perspectiva, Integral, Bildung, etc. 

As a result, they are not always on the radar for a lot of folks working on similar issues -- but perhaps they soon will be.  They've got youthful energy.  They're vibe-based.  They're theorizing and articulating strategies and slowly finding their allies. 

Check out their opening/closing ceremonies and other talks/events on their youtube channel.  

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