What is Emerging? Episode 1 | DOING: WE CREATE REALITY

Emerge presents: What is Emerging? A documentary series in three parts.


What is Emerging? | A video series in three parts.

A This is not the truth and What Took You So Long? production, in partnership with Tropical Magia and Spanda


In the midst of all the social and environmental crises we are facing, the system of economics is the key to understanding the logic behind them all. In this first episode of 'What is Emerging?' we went to ColaborAmerica festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. ColaborAmerica brings together future thinkers, economists, spiritual leaders and scientists to explore and discuss the ways that we might ensure the continuation of life on Earth, considering all beings that are part of this huge living system.

The endless pursuit of growth is pushing societies and our environment to breaking point, yet this economic paradigm shapes our societies. This episode explores how we are currently framing the world we live in, the worldviews that connect us and asks the question; is it possible to shift to a collaboration paradigm with each other, and with the Earth? What would the economy look like if purpose was written into its DNA? 

How can we be part of the regeneration team for a planet that is longing for a new paradigm? What can emerge when we change the paradigms that underpin our choices and ways of relating to others, ourselves, and the external world?

Featuring interviews with Andressa Cabral, Bayo Akomolafe, Danilo Oliveira Vaz, Ernesto Neto, Jonathan Dawson, Katherine Trebeck, Philip Franses, Tomás de Lara, Vanessa Moutinho

The introduction to this episode features voiceovers by Fritjof Capra, Kate Raworth, Maja Göpel, Philip Franses and Stephan Harding.

Directed and Produced by Camilla Cardoso and Maria Clara Parente.