COMPASS TALKS: Nadjeschda Taranczewski (presented by Infinity Institute)

At this Compass Salon Nadjeschda explained how we can understand (and use) what is driving our behaviour from underneath the waterline.

Nadjeschda is an author, keynote speaker and Master Certified Coach with over 5000 documented coaching hours. She is the founder and CEO of Conscious U*, an online training company, specialised in increasing employee engagement throughout all levels of an organisation.

She was trained and licensed by McKinsey & Company as a facilitator of transformation and served as faculty at McKinsey’s partner learning programmes for ten years. Nadjeschda is a skilled facilitator of group processes, a challenging team coach and is passionate about coaching individual decision drivers in organisations to re-invent how they lead themselves, others, and their organisation.  

She is author of the book ‘Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story’ and is currently working on her second book ‘The Conscious Tribe: How to Build a Source Driven Organisation’

At Compass Salon No. 2 Nadjeschda shared ideas from her new book relating to our ‘Needy Icebergs’ focused on understanding (and using) what is driving our behaviour from underneath the waterline. This video covers how to create a personal “map of needs & desires” as well as the relationship between our needs and our fears.