registration open for the Second Emerge Gathering

This networking event will be held on 27th-29th September in Kyiv and involve thought leaders from the fields of social change, organisational development, philosophy, metamodernity, personal growth, systems science and New Economic Thinking.


We are happy to announce that we are holding a second Emerge gathering in the beautiful European city of Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine on the 27th-29th September. 
This networking event will involve thought leaders from the fields of social change, organisational development, philosophy, metamodernity, personal growth, sustainability, systems science and New Economic Thinking. Together, we will dive into the question of  ‘what is emerging?' in our various fields of work and how we can pioneer new understandings of inner personal growth for societal change. 
As the world enters into chaos and collective transformation, we are asking the question ‘what is emerging?' 
As we enter into this new paradigm, art and creativity is a vital life force for bringing about new imaginings of how our world can be. This year we are happy to be collaborating with The Metamodern Arts Festival to bring an exciting cultural programme to the gathering. 

Thursday 26th: Welcome Dinner
Friday 27th: Setting The Scene - Lunch - Thematic Workshops - Dinner - Arts Festival Program
Saturday 28th: Collective Sense Making “What is Emerging?“ – Lunch – Facilitated Networking – Dinner – Saturday Night Cultural Program
Sunday 29th: MMAF Metamodern Art Festival 2019 "Touching the Event Horizon"

Watch a video form last gathering in Berlin in Nov 2018 here.

Podol Plaza Hotel - Four star boutique hotel (20 minutes) 
St. Andre Hotel - Art ‘Boatel’ on the Dnipro river (30 minutes walking)  
Domus Hotel - closest to the venue (18 minutes)

Why the spelling Kyiv'?
If you are curious as to why we are using this spelling, we recommend this article which gives an outline of the historical and political context.

We hope that you'll join us on this journey.

Register for the gathering here.


We hope to sow the seeds for a new civilisation -  we are farmers or gardeners.

We are observing and helping to give birth to a new civilisation - we are midwives.

We want a more-conscious society - we are alarm clocks or zen teachers

We seek to co-create a more conscious society - we are collaborative innovators.

We are interested in three kinds of transformation; the self, society and emergent systemic properties of these two together - we are alchemists, or societal chefs.

We recognise that how we perceive and know and represent the world has revolutionary potential - we are artists.

We seek complex integration of diverse bodies of theory and practice - we are epistemic freedom fighters.

We want to support innovative forms of spiritual practice and inquiry that better connect us to the challenges of our time - we are conveners and hosts.

We love powerful and beautiful communication - we are drum rolls and content curators.

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Words by Tarn Rodgers Johns
Tarn is the lead editor of Emerge. Raised in the UK and based in Berlin, she is driven by curiosity and an incessant but largely unsatisfied desire to get to the bottom of everything. She is interested in psychology, human creativity and the changing world around us.