First Emerge Event In London

Earlier this week the Emerge London team kicked off a series of events in collaboration with the Experimental Thought Co. An the first event, over 70 people gathered to deepen their understanding of the ‘Meta-Crisis.'

This past Tuesday, Emerge London brought 70 people together to explore our collective understanding of the ‘meta-crisis'.

The meta-crisis is a term which encompasses the political, ecological, climate, social and meaning crises and gives a framework for exploring the connections between them.

In a recent article for Emerge, Jonathan Rowson describes the meta-crisis as “our apparent lack of interest in understanding how we understand." To think ‘meta', for example, is to think about the political spectrum rather than think with it.

This event was self-organised in collaboration with the Experimental Thought Co. and was held at the Truman Brewery in East London. 

Emerge co-initiator Jonathan Rowson, Indra Adnan, Karen Lee Downes and Julyan Davey shared their perspective on what connects, underlies and drives the multiple ecological, climate, social and meaning crises that is currently pushing our world and minds out of balance.

Part of the meetup was a collective wisdom practice. For this exercise, people joined together in groups of three to work with the question of personal power in relation to the expressions of the meta-crisis, for example the climate emergency.

How does our sense of power manifest? How do we manage feelings like optimism, anger, resignation or aggression when they come up in relation to this topic?
After sharing in small groups, some people volunteered to share their discoveries on stage. 

This is part of a series of events organised by the Emerge London team. Stay tuned on our Facebook page to find out more.
Words by Ivo Mensch
Ivo Mensch is a London based expert generalist without titles but many practices. He’s currently following his gut sense of what needs to be done next to move earth and its inhabitants to more beautiful places. Right now, that’s working with Rebel Wisdom, Emerge and Perspectiva in various roles.