Zebra vs. UNICORN

The Alternative Investing of Zebras Unite

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DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE TITLE.  This article is not about race.  Although, on the other hand, it's not not about race. 

Part of the Zebras Unite story is genuinely about building cooperative networks of investors that are more plural and inclusive than the narrowly white, male & conventionally-minded ethos that still tends to dominate the culture of investment.  Okay -- but that's only part of the story.

You might know (I didn't) that Unicorns are extremely valuable, privately-owned startup companies that produce salivating interest among the mainstream investor class.  These particular beasts are tragically rare, generally indifferent to the public good & promote a zero-sum mentality. 

That could be a problem. 

Zebras, on the other hand, symbolize the prioritizing of regenerative & inclusive investment strategies that believe in targeting reasonable profits that converge with the social and ecological good. 

How Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break is the title of a quick article breaking down the differences more thoroughly.  You can also listen here to co-founder Mara Zepeda explaining the concept. 

I recently met Mara at the 2022 Denizen Retreat in California.  She was lovely.  Her husband plays mandolin with someone named Anahatta.  She gave me a zebra pin on the upstairs balcony of an old barn. 

Perhaps I've been deluded by her rustic charms but it seems like our emerging transformative communities need to be teaching each other a lot more about how to collaborate around new economic projects that combine good people, good ideas and a different feeling.   


The plural of zebra is dazzle