Bonnitta Roy's Online Pop-Up School

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BONNITTA ROY IS A DELIGHT and a terror.  Eternally ready to flip the underlying assumptions of transformation and development, her work operates in a juicy liminal space somewhere between post-complexity-theory & nouveau witchcraft.

And her POP-UP SCHOOL operates in the omnidirectional hinterland between an online campus, substack series, zoom call collective, mailing list and ritual cooperative.  It features courses, commentaries, guest teachers & a general convening of the people who want to inhabit this world and this time more fully.

Charming. Smart. Provocative. Constantly undermining yin-yang dynamics.   

Even if you aren't a subscriber or a member of one of the educational cohorts moving through the online courses, there are a number of fascinating and seductive articles available for free perusal -- including some dense little gems like the preface to her upcoming book Meta-Theory in the Anthropocene.


November 2022 is Wisdom Month on the Pop-Up School featuring open free discussions with participants from the Respond Event at MAPLE in which Bonnie was a senior teacher-collaborator.  Check out the invitation and her visual meditation on the three stages of Sagehood here