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From Game B to Planet A

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"I’m a TV journalist with 25 years’ experience working for all the UK’s major news broadcasters, and I don’t watch the news. That’s a problem for our industry, but mostly it’s a problem with our industry.  When I do, occasionally, watch a news programme I rarely come away feeling I'm better informed, I don't feel better equipped to engage with civil society and I don't feel like I understand the forces shaping the world better..."

I agree.

Those relatable words are from Shirish Kulkarni's media manifesto.  Worth a read.  He has a robust insider's view on a problem we all recognize.  The incentive structures of legacy media are causing more social harm than good.  Transitioning to a healthier, wiser & more resilient civilization is going to need a serious change in the ways that we "inform" each other.

But the real story is where I found Shirish's manifesto. 

It was embedded in the new media section of The Alternative -- a collaborative online space hoping to crowdsource and curate promising experimental responses to our cluster of emerging global problems.  The living protopian set of these responses, if implemented, is given the monicker: PLANET A.

Their three organizing principles are Cosmo-localism, I-We-World & Parallel Polis.  If those are the kind of words you resonate with -- and why else would you be in the Emerge field -- then this is an excellent resource.

And they're looking for contributors...