Metamodernism & the Game-Beyond-the-Game

metamodern scene

"I'VE BEEN DOING A LOT OF THINKING LATELY.  And I've started to focus out beyond the edge of the board.  On a bigger game..."
        - Special Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks.

Sounds like a metagame.   

According to Wikipedia, metagaming is the game-about-the-game.  An approach focused on building skill in changing the rules, playing the players, operating beyond the board, etc.  Game theory (1940s) went "meta" (1970s) and then naturally converged -- around the turn of the millennium -- with digital gaming culture.  Famously, Richard Garfield (who created Magic: The Gathering) theorized about the ways in which games can interface beyond themselves

Here's an interesting introduction to the possibility that metagaming is a legitimate pathway for transformational well-being in the age of digital gamification.

Here's what these folks say they want to do: 

We are here to help transform the wild web into a web of opportunity. To help you break into this brave new world, avoid traps, level up & make an impact. To build a new kind of socioeconomic system, optimized for well-being over profit.

They also say:

It's kind of the opposite of “effective altruism”. It's about helping & empowering people one by one, hoping some of them will impact tens, hundreds or thousands of others - or at least a few more.


Metagaming has come up lately in response to this article that lays out Hanzi's THE LISTENING SOCIETY for a metagame audience.  It's a very accessible overview for people interested in learning more about either metagaming culture or metamodern culture. 

Keep an eye on Realizing the Metagame for further upcoming essays on Metamodernism and Game B from their perspective.


If you're already a Hanzi fan, check out their new book: 12 Much Better For Rules for Life (and Beyond) -- featured in recent interviews on The Jim Rutt Show and The Integral Stage
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