Jan Artem Henriksson

"We need Inner Development Goals to reach the SDGs"

We may be lacking crucial inner skills to tackle our most urgent global action problems, of which the most pressing is the climate crisis. In this interview, Jan Artem Henriksson, the CEO of the Inner Development Goals Initiative, discusses with Waleria Schüle why inner work is needed to achieve a more sustainable global society.

Inner Development


In spite of numerous international summits and a growing political will in many countries to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we have not yet managed to come together and co-operate on achieving them at scale. The UN first presented these goals in 2015, yet we seem no closer to co-creating a sustainable world. Why is that the case? Jan Artem Henriksson believes that due to the complexity of our challenges, we need to shift our attention to what is going on inside of us. The Swedish-Ukrainian leadership trainer and education professional is the CEO of the Inner Development Goals (IDG) Initiative, which was founded by the Ekskäret Foundation, 29K and The New Division. The ambition is to use personal development to provide a framework for and build the transformative skills needed for a sustainable society. Partners such as Ashoka, Stockholm School of Economics, Karolinska Institute, Spotify and IKEA support the initiative.
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Words by Jan Artem Henriksson
Jan is one of the founders of SelfLeaders, who teaches value-based leadership both in business and at a number of higher education institutions (such as KTH, Chalmers, Uppsala University and Stockholm School of Economics). He is a board member of Ekskäret foundation and CEO of the Inner Development Goals initiative (IDG).