If You Missed “Stockholm Impact Week 2023" . . .


NORRSKEN is a Swedish word for “Aurora" or “Northern Nights.”  The Norrsken Foundation is a non-profit founded in 2016 by Niklas Adalberth to connect organizations, entrepreneurs & investors themed around new solutions to world problems. 

One thing it does is to support Impact Week in Stockholm at their Nordic Hub

Obviously, you're too late for Stockholm Impact Week 2023 but you should be aware of the event.  Then you can make an informed decision about next year -- as well as deepen your general sensitivity to all kinds of liminal allies, global opportunities and projects. 

This year's Impact Week (you may have seen some photos on Tomas Bjorkman's feed since the 29k project is aligned with Norrsken) involved liminal favorites like:

* Daniel Schmacternberger's Introduction to the Metacrisis.

* Kate Raworth (specialist in Donut Economics & planetary boundaries) giving her overview of our outdated economic assumptions.

* Nate Hagens discussing The Superorganism and the Future.

The Norrsken Foundation is actively looking for people to help -- and for people to help it to help people.  Especially if you need support with a start-up or initiative or venues to bring ideas and investors together in this space.   

Here's their corporate promo-speak:

>We are a mix of highly dedicated, top-performing entrepreneurs, analysts, investors, developers and creatives who all believe in making the world a better place.  We share the same down-to-earth values and ambitions that make us thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where our efforts are directed toward making good things happen in efficient ways.  We believe that the highest impact comes from mutual efforts, wherefore we only hire great team players who invest a lot of hard work and dedication into their practices.  Needless to say, Norrsken is an equal-opportunity employer.

You can get a sense from that of who is their target audience.  Some of you will think it all sounds good, professional, effective & well-aligned.  We need IMPACT.  Others, however, might hear the sound of forced 1980s corporate messaging that makes you want to vomit.  That's fine. 

Actually, it's better than fine.  It is important

We are not all supposed to be tuned into every aspect of global change and development.  Different moods are for different approaches to the Metacrisis.  Let's not all agree.  There is no single vibe that dominates the liminal weave & the interlocking developmental/transformational visions.  We are a multi-vibe metacommunity with different specializations.

But maybe your vibe, your project, your vision,needs something that Norrsken or Stockholm Impact Week 2024 can provide?


Scan their full set of videos from Stockholm Impact Week 2023 on the Norrsken Foundation youtube channel.
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