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That's the last question on the FAQ page for 29k

A good question. 

Yes, inner growth can attract narcissists.  Paradoxically, however, it is also the very thing that challenges and overcomes narcissism.  Plus it is necessary for the sustainable future of human life on Earth -- at least that's the argument from the team at 29k. 

29 000 days is the average current human life expectancy.  That's the limited amount of time each of us has to transform our inner life while contributing to external wellbeing.  We have to get WAY better at doing both those things.

(How many of those 29k days have already slipped by?  Don't worry!  If limited time and morality make you anxious there's a module on the app for handling anxiety.)

This app is pretty sleek, accessible, legit-looking and straightforward.  It is operating in tandem with the Inner Development Goals project based on the notion that external technocratic solutions are insufficient on their own.  Their mindset is that if the way that we are trying to solve our collective problems is itself part of the problem -- then we must also transform ourselves.

Among the most basic and minimum things we need to address that, at a planetary scale, is probably a large-scale, easily accessible, free tool that focuses on stabilizing mental health, building self-regulation & insight skills, undoing deficiency motives and gaining capacity to be present as a participatory sensemaker within all kinds of relationships. 

The app features different pathways, evaluations, suggestions and easy skill-building practices.  One interesting feature is a module for dealing with war anxiety.  It has a subsection specifically about the Ukrainian war which then subdivides into different modules for Ukrainians and Russians.


Download the app to explore targeted, science-based practices for building internal skills.  Take tests, get advice, share with community (or not) and, if you've got the resources -- donate to keep the project free and expanding to others.   

Now... if you have what Nietzsche called "the third ear," then perhaps that last paragraph sounded a little bit like corporate propaganda.  Too dry?  Too clean?  Too institutional?  Too Northern European? 


But speaking practically, it has to persuade corporations, international institutions and also be neutrally accessible to people in many cultures, positions and degrees of intelligence.  Now that it is in play, however, it should be able to excite numerous variations and innovations at the same scale.

Anyone who is interested in what can actually be done to advance a sustainable, planetary wisdom-civilization should be paying attention to attempts of this kind.. 

Whether it succeeds or fails -- we need to know both how & why.


Get to know IDG's executive direct Jan Artem Henriksson and his Mindshift approach in this video interview. 

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