Bruce Alderman, Lee Nichols & the Return to Bohm

somatic dialogue

THEY CALL THEIR ONLINE COURSE UNFOLDING THE SENSES: TOWARD HOLOSOMA.  An attractive title.  Linguistically intriguing.  But what's it all about?

In March of 2023, Bruce Alderman & Lee Nichol will begin a "six-week, experiential journey and embodied inquiry into Bohm's holoflux and the untapped potential of our senses."

Okay -- that tells us a little more but it's still vague.  Is there more context?

David Bohm was the famous colleague of Albert Einstein who proposed a viable holographic alternative to both the Copenhagen and Many-Worlds versions of Quantum Mechanics.  And he worked closely with the iconoclastic spiritual teacher & educational reformer Jiddu Krishnamurti.  A lot of his passion, however, was for new, deeper or rediscovered forms of collective sensemaking through dialogue.

Like John Vervaeke today, Bohm was a scientist and scholar who focused on dialogos as an essential tool for addressing the emergent problems of cultural fragmentation, nihilism and stagnation.  Interestingly, instead of Socrates, Bohm sourced this in ancient indigenous wisdom.  Today that is exceptionally pertinent.

We live in a time when there is a praiseworthy proliferation of experimental attempts to create shared fields, generate we-spaces, elicit intersubjective sapience and amplify collaborative intelligence.  The need to have deeper dialogue is ancient, of course, but the current accumulating crises (which operate at a scale outside of any individual's control) and the emergent technological infrastructure (networking, podcasts, chatbots, social networks) seem to emphasize the need for conversation to step up its game. 

Bruce Lee -- sorry, Bruce & Lee ! -- combine their personal insights with their deep reading of Bohm and the highly suggestive work of David Michael Levin.  Levin was a transdisciplinary radical who foregrounded the overlap between new forms of collective intelligence and a return to the body/senses.

While somatic experience, flowing bodies & human sensory organs have their limits as sensemaking tools -- we also chronically underestimate their importance. 

There is increasing consensus in the fields of transpersonal psychology, integrative health, wisdom-cultivation & new spirituality about the utility of somatic practices to access under-utilized neural systems, catalyze peak experiences and deepen the potency of personal and interpersonal inquiry. 



Bruce & Lee discuss Dialogue, The Holoflux, and The Meaning Crisis

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