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FUTURECRAFT RESIDENCY: BRAVE EARTH sounds like an exciting new video game.  Maybe it is.  It is also an upcoming, week-long, facilitated residency exploring regenerative & resilient futures in Costa Rica.  Dec 12-19 2023.   Applications close on November 12th if you're interested.

Who is this for? 

Well, they claim it is for “all current and aspiring solarpunks, lunarpunks, culture hackers, metamodernists, Soulcrafters, Homegrown Humans, systems thinkers, fermenters, chefs, botanists, mushroom growers, forest bathers, dancers, swimmers, runners, meditators, yogis, painters, photographers, filmmakers, writers, coders, poets, actors, musicians, clowns, fools, coaches, counselors, mentors, facilitators, therapists and teachers."  

Very inclusive.  However, there is a footnote suggesting that priority will be given to applicants with yoga experience and a willingness to sing in groups.  So there's that.

Costa Rica is fast becoming a significant global hub for retreats & intentional communities in new culture networks.  If you haven't been tempted to visit yet then you probably will soon. 

Futurecraft Residencies: Brave Earth will take Stephen Reid's work on soulful Artificial Intelligence and weave it together with Authentic Relating, Bohmian Dialogue, Radical Reimagination, Yoga, Celebration & Rainforest Exploration.

Philosophically the event will orient to the basic themes that guide the Brave Earth facility in Costa Rica -- namely their “Trinity of Values" (Regeneration, Resiliency & Reciprocity) and their “Trinity of Inquiry" (Gnosis, Eros & Polis).   

Information for the event is hosted on the Dandelion platform.  If you are organizing events “in the field," you may wish to be aware of this option.  Dandelion is a donation/gift-based site for organizing “regenerative events and co-created gatherings."


You can apparently save $100 by mentioning Stephen Reid's In Correspondence substack in your application. 
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