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GEBSER IS TRANSPARENT.  Or maybe translucent?  His diaphanous thinking encounters the past and future both unveiled within the shifting present.  Students of Jean Gebser start to see through his ideas to behold the omnidirectional becoming of their future selves. 

What does that mean?

Find out, both intellectually & experientially, in Jeremy Johnson's imminent, intensive weekend course starting April 26, 2024.  Three live online sessions, a Q&A, a community, and collective presenting practice.

Jeremy (host of Mutations Podcast and author of Seeing Through the World) is the leading liminal expert on the work of Gebser -- the famous developmental philosopher, cultural historian & mystic futurist who described our emerging epoch as “integral-aperspectival." 

This weekend intensive promises to be both the deepest and the most accessible exploration yet of the still radical and unfolding insights of this prophetic thinker about time, art & the mutations of consciousness.  Gebser is an ancestor from whom we inherit intellectual and spiritual-poetic tools.  These particular tools help us discern the precise contours of our interim liminal epoch.  Jeremy brings his expertise to assist the embodied assimilation of these insights into our emerging relationship to Time. 

Plus, if Gebser is correct, you may already be taking this course as you read these very words...


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The task of modern philosophy is to overcome the alternatives temporal/non-temporal, historical/eternal, and particular/universal. Following Nietzsche we discover, as more profound than time and eternity, the untimely: philosophy is neither a philosophy of history, nor a philosophy of the eternal, but untimely, always and only untimely -- that is to say, 'acting counter to our time and thereby acting on our time and, let us hope, for the benefit of a time to come.'" 

- Gilles Deleuze.
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