Victoria Savostianova & Ukrainian Resilience


WAR STEALS OUR FUTURE.  It destroys infrastructure, degrades civil society, breaks the chains of generational wisdom & wastes our resources -- both inner and outer.   

We need every kind of attempt to promote resilience, clarity and expanded perspectives into the future -- rather than the usual stress, disconnection and fragility that typically results from periods of traumatic disruption.

Victoria Savostianova has an experimental plan to help protect those inner resources.   

> I am a Ukrainian living in Ukraine during the war. I have endured a severe last winter with lots of bombings, explosions, energy blackouts. And another winter is coming, and attacks on Ukraine continue.  And yet here I am, focused, balanced, and resourced.... Follow me and I’ll show you the way back home to your body.

Victoria is making her Embodied Peace and Resilience Workshop available such that anyone who purchases access automatically pays it forward -- gifting the workshop in Ukranian to a Ukrainian.   

Although conflict, crisis and distress occasionally bring out the best in people, these situations typically proliferate trauma and degrade collective sensemaking. 

This occurs to everyone but it can be specially difficult for the “highly sensitive people” who are often both the most easily disrupted and also the most promising in terms of the potential unfolding of deeper understanding, higher perspectives and multidimensional solutions. 

Victoria (an economist and journalist turned integrally-informed, metaware, embodiment coach & neuropsychosomaticist) seems uniquely well-positioned to provide inner resources for those Ukrainians who might be most likely to grow into alignment with metamodern, liminal & regenerative networks around the world. 

Quick skills for self-regulation and building of long-term resilience can seem like luxury items during peace -- but they are necessities when the bombs are falling.

Her Black Friday deal (55 euros) is almost over, but the experiment continues.  We need many such experiments. 


Check out her video 7 Lessons I Learned Living in Ukraine During the
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