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(note - this course has been postponed until Spring 2024. we'll update with more details as they arise.)

WE STILL HAVE TO BE GOOD, right?  Despite the emerging psychosocial, ecological, and technological factors that often make the world feel unrecognizable, we are still obligated toward integrity, responsibility, and the deep longing to live well -- with each other

The School of Wise Innovation, which is a sort of offshoot of the Center for Humane Technology, has a very interesting set of courses planned for 2024.  Foremost among them, starting in January, is Embodied Ethics in the Age of AI. 

AI complicates everything.  We frequently hear anxiety, dismissal, and wild utopianism surrounding the rapidly mutating field of emergent pseudo-sentient machines.  These conversations typically focus on how to regulate these new systems from the top-down vantage point of governments and corporate boardrooms. 

Yet there is another conversation we also need to be having.  It is about how all of us must access and embody virtue in this altered environment.

Are you ready? 

What will you do to overcome confusion, deception and temptation in a world of omnipervasive simulation and agentic devices?  How will you align yourself with what is most sacred in Nature & the human soul?  What forms of initiation, ritual, and ordeal must be regenerated to help culture adapt to its collective and individual responsibility?

This course will probe these haunting areas.  It combines study groups, guest lectures, resources, etc. with the main attraction -- 5 live virtual sessions (Jan 25-Feb 22):

>>> The Mythic Implications of AI
>>> Individual Initiation in the Age of AI
>>> Ecological of Accountability
>>> Re-prioritizing Slow Growth
>>> Towards Embodied Intelligence

The real draw, however, is the specific thought leaders involved:  poetic attunement expert Josh Schrei from The Emerald Podcast & School of Wise Innovation's visionary technosocial pollinator Andrew Dunn.  If you are familiar with either of them, then you will probably be tempted by this course.

Ethics can sound very abstract.  Especially when it is combined with speculative technofuturism and a strong dose of initiatory magical contemplation.  What does it really mean to attune to the Good, accept the fires of remorse & reawaken our archaic longing for ethical growth and transformative mystery?  

Hopefully, this course, and these two people, will be able -(as they are promising) to ground these arcane and necessary ideals in the realm of lived experience and practical embodiment. 
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