Emerge / Ukraine / October


On October 1-7th 2023, The New Thinking School of Ukraine, in association with Emerge, invites you on a pilgrimage to explore and imagine the world that's emerging in and beyond Ukraine.

Ukraine… Really? We understand that may well be your first reaction if you are from outside Ukraine and do not have to deal with the reality of war. But we also imagine some of you feel an instant ‘Yes’... perhaps followed by some hesitation.

Please know that we are doing all we can to make your choice to join (or not) a deeply informed decision. While we can’t predict what will happen, we are determined to make this event a reality despite the challenges, because it matters.

It matters because a viable and desirable future depends on the strengthening of open societies. To this end, we will explore and reimagine the future of democracy, education, security, spirituality and other areas during our week in and between the two beautiful and free Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Kyiv. 

If you are intrigued but have questions, please join us for the first of three public events on the 23rd of May where you can get acquainted with us. On the call we will share a more detailed itinerary and plan, describe what you may experience on the journey and the measures we have taken to ensure an ‘as-safe-as-possible’ event (such as securing a venue with the best bomb shelter in Kyiv in case of air raids). We will listen to what is alive for you and try to answer as many questions as we can. Sign up for the zoom call here.

If you want to stay up-to-date on developments and other events leading up to October, go to and sign up for the event newsletter. The website is under construction, but we will add more information there as we get clearer on speakers and the programme. You can already read more about what we have in mind, who we are and when tickets go on sale.

We also have a Pilgrim's corner in our Emerge Mighty Network where you can already meet some fellow travellers and the organisers. We will also post occasional updates there and can answer questions you may have. It will become a lively hub as more people sign up and as we get closer to the event.

We’re looking forward to travelling with you.

With Love,

The New Thinking School of Ukraine 
& Emerge Organisers
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