Systemic Constellations and Nature Connection for Sustainability

7.3.2020 - 7.3.2020

Glogauer Str. 21, 10999 Berlin
You are sustainability-oriented and would like to find new ways to walk your path, overcome challenges and achieve impact?

In workshop #3 of this series a day of nature connection and systemic constellations awaits you – to reconnect and to regenerate. Constellations invite the inherent ‘wisdom’ of a system to be expressed. From our experience the emerging perspectives are extremely useful for NGOs, start-ups, companies, activists and researchers alike – or in your private life.

RE·connect: In the morning we will be exploring ways to reconnect with nature’s supporting forces in the unusual setting of urban Kreuzberg, Berlin. Approaching spring, we can discover a blossoming within us by tuning in to the natural world through different practices.
In combination with the second part of the day, this will be a way to (re)connect with ourselves (own body), the group (social body) and the wider earth (planetary body).

RE·generate: In the afternoon we explore one, maximum two specific real-life challenges with a „systemic constellation“. This method allows to simulate complex systems. Members of the group embody and experience essential elements and dynamics. In this way we can together learn about the system and its formerly unnoticed patterns. We will take part in the generation of new insights and the emergence of solutions (see here for a more detailed description:  

You are invited to use this opportunity for yourself. Bring a problem or question from the realm of sustainability where you would like to move forward. If you know that you would like to bring a ‘case’ or if you have any questions, please let us know beforehand. While only one, maximum two cases will be modeled in full, experience shows that all who participate gain something from it.

No previous experience with the methods is necessary.