Systemic constellations and nature connection for projects

20.7.2019 - 20.7.2019

Berlin, Germany
An event for start-ups, NGOs, businesses or activists from the sustainability sector wanting to explore new ways of dealing with their complex social/organisational/ecological challenges.

On this day Nikolaus von Stillfried from and Tim Lüschen from Schumacher College (Regenerative constellations) introduce you to systemic constellations and together we will apply them to experiences or cases from the participants.

We will explore how this method can be an efficient tool for dissolving obstacles in our personal and professional systems, facilitating a stream of sustainably productive energy and inspiration. This will be combined with an exploration of ways in which we can connect with nature’s supporting forces even in an urban setting like Berlin.

During the day we will use different ways to connect to oneself (own body), the group (social body) and the living world (planetary body), and we will experience an example of how a systemic constellation works in a professional context by focusing on a topic of concern of a specific organisation/project yet to be chosen. No prior experience with the method is required.
(If you would like your project/ your organisation to be an example case, let us know in advance).

Because this workshop is part of a research project we can offer participation at a pay-what-feels-right rate. So instead of the normally much higher rate for a constellation workshop, we only ask 10€ as a symbolic commitment, so we know beforehand who and how many are coming (max. 30 people). After the event there will be a place for donations where you can give as much as you feel the event was worth for you.

The event is part of a master thesis on systemic constellations as a new method within sustainability contexts, so after the event we would like, if you agree, to interview you about your experience of the event. For the interview you can chose a date and time that fits you best.

The event will take place at the new co-working space of Fairmondo in Kreuzberg, Berlin. If all participants will be German speaking there is also the possibility to do the event in German.