Rebel Wisdom Summit

12.5.2019 - 12.5.2019

London, UK
Rebel Wisdom is a media platform and retreat organisation. This Summit will take the techniques used on their retreats – including mindfulness, self-inquiry and active listening – and combine them with contemporary cultural conversations to inspire a new way of talking about culture, politics and society.

The Rebel Wisdom Summit is an invitation to join the cutting edge of a new cultural conversation. Attendance will be capped at 150 in order to keep the environment intimate and generative. As well hearing four speakers on the main stage, attendees will break off into small groups led by a facilitator in order to discuss the issues brought up by the speakers in a safe environment. 

The day has been carefully designed to help attendees to come into 'flow' together. Flow is a specific neurological state that brings us into close connection to one another; one in which new ideas come in a cascade from our unconscious minds. When we’re in flow, we see in a new way; winning the argument ceases to matter, and instead we become very present to what truths, patterns and new insights are arising between us.