One World in Dialogue: Bearing Witness

7.12.2019 - 18.12.2019

During one full rotation of the Earth, from the 7th to the 8th of December 2019, we will gather together in our homes, houses of worship, community centers, and sacred spaces through the global connective power of the internet to bear witness to Earth, our Mother and Home.

Bearing Witness is a spiritual practice and an act of conscience. When we bear witness, we allow the full truth touch us in the deepest part of our selves. We allow ourselves to open to the complexity and mystery of our relationship to Earth. Bearing Witness is a practice of spiritual warriorship that helps us to develop our humanity so that we can hold more of the whole and respond to life from that wholeness. We connect with the truth that we are not separate from our Mother, Earth, or from each other.

During this nonstop 24-hour online vigil, you will be guided to bear witness to Earth by spiritual leaders, sacred activists, and wisdom keepers from the Philippines to Tasmania to South Africa to the UK and North and South America. Each in their own way will help us realize how we belong to Earth and how our nonseparation with Earth matters to the health of this beautiful planet.

You will journey together with other caring humans through the elements of Earth using prayers, invocations and visualizations. During the process, we will nourish and nurture our sense of love and connection to our home and Mother, explore our relationship and yearning towards nonseparation with her and each other, and lean into the challenges of protecting her. We will celebrate the joys Earth has offered us and our ancestors and all the life we have shared this home with, for generations before us, and for those who will follow.

Your hosts, Elizabeth Debold of One World in Dialogue and Rami Efal of Zen Peacemakers Int’l along with our supporting partners from One Meditation and Human.Online will hold you through your journey into a deeper belonging to Earth. You are welcome to participate in any or all of the 24-hours, as long as you feel inspired to take part.