International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness in Solving 21st Century Problems

7.10.2019 - 11.10.2019

Kigali, Rwanda
This conference will bring together transhumanists, philosophers, futurists, leadership scholars, scientists, vertical farming experts and world leaders to discuss Africa's role in the digital paradigm shift.  

The world is fast evolving. Developments in Information Tech/Digitisation heralded an age in which life has become smaller and simpler. Social and economic activities have witnessed huge transformation. From the simple things of life like food, shelter and clothing to the more complex things like governance, education, banking etc, everything is fast changing. With just one click/tap, a whole new world is opened; a world of endless possibilities. All thanks to breakthroughs in Information Communication Tech/digitisation (ICT/D). Some societies are already making great strides in harnessing the potentials in ICT/D. There is now an undeniable categorisation of countries according to 1st World/Developed countries and Developing countries. 

Some observers add still another categorisation, further creating a kind of strata in the so called Developing Countries in which some are properly called ‘Developing’ (2nd world) and others are unfortunately referred to as ‘Underdeveloped’ (3rd world) countries. This categorisation is mostly based on civilisation and use of (access to) ICT/Digitisation which has become the new paradigm. Whatever the case is, most countries in Africa and Asia do not belong to the 1st world; at least not yet. While some societies have evolved and developed beyond the basic human needs, many societies in Africa and Asia have remained at the early morning of history and still battle with the barest minimum of life’s expectancy. Fortunately, there seems to be an increasing attention to ICT/Digitisation within the Developing countries. In recent years, Africa and many parts of Asia have witnessed unprecedented attention to the use of technology and more sophisticated gadgets in attempt to solve their basic problems of ensuring a better life for their people and also ensuring good governance. It is of urgent importance that this is sustained and encouraged. 

This international conference on Techno-Scientific Awareness in Solving 21st Century Problems is a major response to the challenges posed by lack of good governance and the unfortunate under-appreciation of ICT/D which are the greatest burdens on developing countries. It is our collective hope that the investigations and interventions which will emanate from this conference will provide the much needed platform for harnessing of ideas and promulgation of policies for the benefit of our developing societies. 

Rwanda as a society has proven its strength and resilience in overcoming the challenges of a history that is reminiscent of tears, fears and hardship. Dubbed the Technology Hub of the New Africa, Rwanda is undoubtedly setting the pace for a full realisation of the potentials of the Mother Continent through investment in ICT/D. The University of Rwanda rank among Africa’s leading research institutes.