What is Emerging? Trailer

COMING SOON: ‘What is Emerging?' A short documentary series in three parts from This is Not The Truth and Emerge.

Episode 1. DOING: We create Reality

What are we currently doing to frame the world we live in? What world views connect us? Can we look to develop as a species and shift to a new paradigm of collaboration with each other and the Earth? What would the economy look like if purpose was written into its DNA? Episode 1 was filmed at ColaborAmerica Festival in Brazil and explores how change makers, future thinkers, economists and scientists can empower each other to re-build our reality together.

Episode 2. BEING: Searching for Entanglements

A search for inspiring new ways to understand the global crises. How do we learn to stay with the trouble we've created? How do our current beliefs stop us from deeply changing the direction of human development? How can a new framing of the crises influence processes and open space for emergence? What can unfold from this entangled perception of all living beings and the Earth? In Episode 2 we explore Bayo Akomolafe's poetic approach to the collapse and inspiring ideas about post-activism.

Episode 3. IMAGINING: Touching the Unknown

How do we open up our curiosity and recalibrate our imagination? Tracing connections between creativity, art, and the systemic transition we are undergoing, in Episode 3, together with Bayo Akomolafe and Vanessa Andreotti, we explore the pathways for those connections with the unknown.