Youth Link

Prosperity Hall, Humanscapes Community, AUROVILLE, 605101, Tamil Nadu, India.

+91 8778 312 841
YouthLink was founded in early 2015 as a service & educational unit in Auroville, led by the youth, and for the youth. In order to pave a pathway for young adults to explore themselves and manifest their dreams, four areas of work emerged: Social, Education, Projects and Research. YouthLink is a platform that welcomes young adults of any status; Aurovilian, bioregional youth, volunteers and international participants. YouthLink invites many older mentors from within Auroville, and internationally, to add depth and wisdom to its variety of activities. One of YouthLink’s unique features is that the young adults design their own learning. The theme of our work is to focus on the concept of ‘community’ and ‘human unity’ – thus we call our courses broadly as “Comm4unity.”

One of YouthLink’s central focus is to also allow for its core team to continue learning – so we regularly experiment with various social tools for enhancing our own awareness, decision making processes, conflict resolution, and team building. We also experiment with alternative economy models, and ecologically harmonious, low impact lifestyle solutions.

YouthLink is also currently in process of reviving one of Auroville’s older youth communities (Youth Center), and we are also building a new community (called Anitya). YouthLink is also in process of designing a campus as a central hub, which we call “the Hive”.