Swaraj University

Swaraj University Tapovan Ashram India

+91 8764279302
Swaraj University is an alternative university offering a two-year learning programme for youth focused on self-designed learning, community living and on green livelihoods, explored within the context of ecological sustainability, spiritual well-being and social justice.

At Swaraj, the self-directed learning process invites learners to identify their hearts’ visions and engages them in developing the skills, relationships and practices they need to manifest those visions. The programme is as much about developing the capacities and confidence needed to create and pursue our unique learning paths as it is about strengthening the leadership capacity and right livelihood opportunities in communities. There is no degree or certificate required to join Swaraj University, and we do not give any degrees after the course. Swaraj is proud of being totally unrecognized and un-deemed, and believes in creating portfolios based on one’s own experiences rather than degrees and certificates as a proof of one’s education.