Pa-Auk Tawya Meditation Centre

Pa Auk Tawya, Myanmar, Burma
Pa-Auk Forest Monastery (Pa-Auk Tawya in Burmese) is a Buddhist monastery in the Theravāda tradition, with emphasis on the teaching and practice of both Samatha (tranquility) and Vipassanā (insight) meditation. 
Founded in 1926, it is situated in a forest along the Taung Nyo Mountain range. The Monastery provides a conducive setting for the long-term practice of meditation.The number of residents varies seasonally from approximately 1000 to 1800 (during festive periods). This includes more than 300 foreign monks, nuns and lay practitioners, originating from over 20 countries.
This Monastery is the main centre at the core of the Pa-Auk Group comprising over 40 branches and associate centres in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand Nepal, China and the USA.