Unfoldment On the March

The Rise of Aletheia Coaching

transformational leadership
UNFORGETTING.  That's what a-letheia means in old Greek.  Dis-closure.  Re-membering.  The unfolding of understandings that are imagined to be already implicit. 

In 2012 Steve March set out to go beyond both conventional coaching methodologies and limitations he found in some forms of new Integral Coaching.  The result was the Aletheia approach -- and now, ten years later, you can't go to a liminal conference without hearing about this guy & his growing legion of professional coaches. 

Although Aletheia flexibly enfolds the insights and tactics of several generations of modern coaching modalities, its signature is the shift from attainment to attunement.   

That makes sense. 

If people are seeking out something as exotic as Aletheia then they've probably already found that mainstream strategies for improvement, achievement & capacity-building are insufficent.  They don't need another motivational seminar or personality tweak.  They need something more existential.

These people already half-consciously understand that they need to BE more in order for their capacities to adaptively emerge in response to the current challenges of their lives, business and the situation of the world.

Steve's developmental meta-model and his integrative collection of modalities are comprehensive.  Internal Family Systems?  Voice Dialogue?  Gendlin's Focusing?  Embodied Imagination?  Diamond Approach?  Taoism?  Yoga?  Yes.  He also has an intriguing frame involving four ontological "depths" that orient the coaching toward the unfolding of Parts into Process, Process into Presence, and Presence into Nondual Awakening.

That's all great stuff.  However, in practice, Aletheia puts the models (including notions of stage-like development) off to the side while it focuses on meeting people where they are -- in order to naturally accelerate their uniquely unfolding depth across multiple states and modes of experience.  The effect of this relational approach seems to be that more spontaneous coherence and self-disclosure are activated.

The need for approaches like this is being felt and languaged by many people across the overlapping networks of transformational emergence culture -- so don't be surprised if you hear more about Steve & Aletheia in the years to come.


And if you've got a moment, check out Steve's blog Unfolding in the Metacrisis -- esp. the intriguing recent article on how the philosophy of Timothy Morton relates to the need for a new Aletheia Leadership Coaching...