Metamodern Arts Festival

27.9.2019 - 29.9.2019

Kiev, Ukraine
We stand in the midst of a meaning crisis. Old utopias have not served us. Dystopias still choke us. Yet we still dream of eutopia, the good place.

As a transformational artist and change maker you are ready to embrace complexity and allow for the multiple crises to inspire your heart, head and hands. You are tired of mere hedonistic explorations. You yearn for multi-level metamorphosis. You dare to change.
We invite bright minds, open hearts, and progressive actors to co-create new ways of knowing, being and doing. Let’s explore the interspace of personal development and cultural transformation, and dissolve the boundaries of the inner and outer worlds. Dive with us through the event horizon. Generate new synergies of beauty and agency through immersive learning journeys.
To address the existential challenges ahead, we have the obligation to participate in this collective maturation.
Let’s be brave together.